CSS Formatting Resources

The following resources are optional recommendations for you to go deeper into the concepts that we covered in this module. You are not required to read them, but I do encourage you to check them out to level up your skills even further for future courses.

The Cascade

CSS Cascading and Inheritance Specification

Did you know that there are official guidelines that define how CSS works and should be implemented by browsers? Well, there is! In this section, the guidelines cover the behavior of the Cascade and how specificity is calculated. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make a lot of sense โ€” a lot of it flies over my head, too. But it’s still interesting to see how these guidelines are written and to have a reference.

The “C” in CSS

Thomas Yip, CSS-Tricks

This is another explanation of the cascade. It’s never a bad idea to read how other people explain the way the cascade works. It’s a complicated concept! This article complements this lesson nicely for another take on how it works.


Specifics on Specificity

Chris Coyier, CSS-Tricks

The cascade is a confusing concept and this article breaks down the concept of specificity, which is a method for how to manage it.

The latest ways to deal with the cascade, inheritance and specificity

Ollie Williams, CSS-Tricks

That’s a lot of words, but the this article provides pro tips on how to manage the cascade, including some ideas that may be possible in the future.

Override Inline Styles with CSS

Chris Coyier, CSS-Tricks

This is an oldie, but goodie. While the technique is probably not best practice today, it’s a good illustration of how to override those inline styles we covered earlier.

When Using !important is The Right Choice

Chris Coyier, CSS-Tricks

This article is a perfect call-and-response to the previous article about why that method may not be best practice for overriding styles.

Formatting CSS

Want to know how some big companies and admired developers write CSS? Here are some style guides that have been published online:

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