Delightfully fun lessons designed to get you from no code to know code.

Learning code doesn’t have to be scary.

Enjoy friendly lessons that assume you have no experience whatsoever and are designed to help you write your very first line of code.


Lessons help you understand the code you’re writing, sans technical jargon and buzzwords.


Get lessons from a real human who explains and demonstrates concepts like being in a classroom.


You’ll go from writing your first line of code to building a full webpage you can be proud of.


Study the materials on your own timetable without the stress of due dates or fixed schedules.

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HTML & CSS, Level 1

Start writing HTML & CSS like a boss.

Meet Your Teacher

Hi there, I’m Geoff Graham and I’ll be your partner throughout your learning journey.

I teach web development at the college level and am Senior Editor for Smashing Magazine, a blog about all things web design and development. I have my M.Ed. with a focus on instructional design and educational technology.

Like you, I had to start my coding journey somewhere. We all do.

So, c’mon โ€” let’s do this together!

  • 13 organized learning modules
  • 10+ hours of interactive video lessons
  • Activities designed to practice and reflect on your work.
  • Lifetime access to all lessons and future updates.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

What You’ll Learn

How to write semantic, structured HTML
and modern, maintainable CSS

  • Lesson 1: HTM-What-the-L?
  • Lesson 2: Code Editors
  • Lesson 3: Writing Comments in HTML
  • Lesson 4: Formatting Your HTML Code
  • Lesson 1: Structuring Your HTML
  • Lesson 2: Semantic HTML Resources
  • Lesson 3: Semantic HTML & Accessibility
  • Lesson 4: Tips for Writing Accessible HTML
  • Lesson 1: Paragraphs
  • Lesson 2: Text Elements
  • Lesson 3: Headings
  • Lesson 4: Links
  • Lesson 5: Adding Images to a Page
  • Lesson 6: Additional Resources
  • Lesson 1: The Poetry of Code
  • Lesson 2: The “C” in CSS
  • Lesson 3: The First “S” in CSS
  • Lesson 4: The Second “S” in CSS
  • Lesson 5: Breaking Down the CSS Syntax
  • Lesson 6: Formatting Your CSS Code
  • Lesson 7: Formatting Resources
  • Lesson 1: Pseudo Classes
  • Lesson 2: Pseudo Elements
  • Lesson 3: The nth-child Selector
  • Lesson 1: CSS Length Units
  • Lesson 2: The Box Model
  • Lesson 3: The display Property
  • Lesson 4: The position Property
  • Lesson 5: Margin & Padding
  • Lesson 6: Box Shadows
  • Lesson 1: Flexbox
  • Lesson 2: CSS Grid
  • Lesson 1: Font Properties
  • Lesson 2: Web Fonts
  • Lesson 3: Variable Fonts: The Future of Web Typography
  • Lesson 1: Color Values
  • Lesson 2: The color Property
  • Lesson 3: Using Color
  • Lesson 4: Color Accessibility
  • Lesson 1: Ordered & Unordered Lists
  • Lesson 2: List Attributes
  • Lesson 3: Nesting Lists
  • Lesson 4: The Description List
  • Lesson 1: A Basic Table Example
  • Lesson 2: Table Elements & Attributes
  • Lesson 3: Spanning Cells
  • Lesson 4: Table Element References
  • Lesson 1: The background Property
  • Lesson 2: Background Images
  • Lesson 3: CSS Gradients Overview
  • Lesson 4: Linear Gradients
  • Lesson 5: Radial Gradients
  • Lesson 6: Conic Gradients
  • Lesson 7: Applying Gradients
  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Forms
  • Lesson 2: Basic Form Structure
  • Lesson 3: Overview of Form Controls
  • Lesson 4: Controls for Adding Content
  • Lesson 5: Controls for Making Choices
  • Lesson 6: Controls for Submitting Forms
  • Lesson 7: Other Form Controls
  • Lesson 8: Form Inputs & Labels
  • Lesson 9: Form Resources & References
  • Lesson 1: Embedding Audio
  • Lesson 2: Embedding Video
  • Lesson 3: The iframe Element

Don’t just take my word for it…

There is literally nobody better to teach you the basics than Geoff. He’s taught countless students in person, through video, and writing. Heck, he’s help run more than one of the industries biggest publications.
Chris Coyier
Founder, CodePen & CSS-Tricks
Geoff is a fantastic teacher who explains HTML and CSS concepts in a kind, passionate and extremely practical way. Highly recommended, very friendly, very approachable and not to miss!
Vitaly Friedman


You’re absolutely in the right place! This course assumes that you have no coding experience whatsoever and that you are writing your very first lines of HTML and CSS. All of the lessons and activities are designed to be beginner-friendly and help you develop your skills from that starting point.

That’s great! While the course is designed with beginners in mind, there is still plenty of material for you to level up your skills in areas such as HTML semantics, the latest CSS features, accessibility, and overall best practices for writing and maintaining code.

So, even if you are familiar with HTML and CSS, there is still a lot for you to gain. You may find some of the lessons and activities less challenging for you than others who take the course, but there are opportunities for you to brush up your skills and gain a deeper grasp of the languages.

It’s a little difficult to answer because everyone learns differently and has different amounts of time to commit to learning. The class will definitely require some time and effort, regardless of your background and learning style.

There are 10+ hours of recorded video lessons, as well as activities, short quizzes, and 13 modules of reading materials. You could certainly rush through everything and knock it out within a week or two, but I recommend spending time absorbing the content to get the most out of it.

Most learners tend to finish within 3-4 weeks, though that’s a rough estimate. Some will go faster than others.

Each activity is worth a certain number of points and you are awarded points simply for completing the activity. As you gain points, you will earn achievements that are displayed on your user profile to show off.

But don’t get hung up on getting perfect scores or a certain number of points โ€” use them instead to gauge your progress and understanding of the material because you have unlimited opportunities to submit your work for re-evaluation. It’s more important that you walk away from the course with knowledge than it is for you to earn a specific point value.

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate to commemorate your accomplishment.

You bought the course and have lifetime access to it. That includes any and all future updates.

That’s the plan! I teach a number of college courses in front-end development and hope to add them to The Basics. When, I’m not so sure. HTML & CSS: Level 1 took me over two years to put together. If it gets some momentum, that’ll afford me time to work on more material. ๐Ÿค“

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I have no doubt that this course will help you understand โ€” and even enjoy โ€” writing HTML and CSS. At the same time, I want you to get your money’s worth!

If you enroll in the course and decide you want your money back, please reach out to me and let me know.