Journal Reflection 4

It’s time to reflect on the things we covered in this learning module! Please take a few moments to write an entry in your weekly journal. This is an opportunity to take a pause and make sure you are prepared to continue to the next module.

What I’m Looking For

  • Between 2-4 paragraphs with complete sentences. The exact length is less important to me than what you’re actually saying in a journal entry. Anything shorter than two paragraphs probably isn’t enough to go into detail about the things you’ve learned in a given module. Anything longer than four paragraphs might be better as a one-on-one meeting with me because it indicates you have a lot on your mind that might be worth talking out loud.
  • Questions about the material. Are you struggling with something in particular? Bring it up in the journal! While I am not planning to communicate with you directly in your journal, your questions will help me know how you’re doing in class and might help me spot issues with the course material.
  • Things you’re proud of. Are you stoked about something you learned? Celebrate it!
  • Proof that you read the material. Please include specific examples from the lessons and exercises in your writing.
  • Good spelling and grammar. This will be reflected in the scoring of your journal entries. Good spelling and grammar helps me understand what you’re trying to communicate. I also find that it leads to more thoughtful responses.

Write Your Reflection